Showings of Passage to Freedom: April to November 2023

  1. Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau April 15, 2023: French language film was attended by 70 participants; English language film was attended by 80 participants. Since the Museum made the room available free of charge and waived admission fees, there was no request for funds made at this showing.
  2. Mayfair Theatre Ottawa – May 20, 2023 About 250 people came to see the film on on Saturday afternoon. After expenses we received about $250 towards the documentary film fund.  
  3. Mississauga Library, Toronto. October 1, 2023 About 325-350 people viewed the film in two showings. After expenses, about $4000 was contributed towards the future showings of the documentary.
  4. McGill University , Montreal. October 22, 2023 About 350-400 people viewed the film in two showings. After expenses, $2750 was raised towards the support of the documentary film fund.
  5. IRCC- Online presentation October 12, 2023 Approximately 800 people viewed the film Almonte, Ontario – October 27, 2023. Approximately 60 people, $350 raised in donations for the documentary film fund.
  6. Unitarian Congregation, Ottawa, November 1, 2023 Approximately 75 people viewed the film. Over $1000 was raised in donations and through a silent auction of which $800 will go to the support of refugee family and $200 will go to the documentary film fund.