HOF025: Prom Sorn

In January 1978, after fearing for the life of his wife and newborn son, Prom Sorn decided to escape from the repressive Communist Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia by heading to the mountains. The couple and their son survived by eating vegetation. They were careful to avoid poisonous plants during their stay in the tropical Cambodian forest.

During their time in the rain forest, they supplemented their diet by sneaking into nearby villages to steal food. Prom Sorn often risked his life during his attempts to care for his family.

After the war, the family arrived in a refugee camp, a lawless and strictly controlled zone supervised by the Thai army. The family experienced firsthand the ruthlessness of the soldiers as they tried to fend for themselves by selling food items in the camp.

Since his settlement in Canada, Prom has worked in a variety of positions in the restaurant industry, from dishwashing to cook, but has since retired and now spends most of his time with his family.