HOF025: Prom Sorn

In January 1978, after fearing the life of his wife and newborn son, he decided to escape from the Khmer Rouge controlled territory by heading towards the mountains. They survived off plants of all sort but had to be cautious of the poisonous kind.

Often times, he would take trips down to the village and steal vegetables. On several occasions during his return, he would be a shot at while he covered his tracks. They were caught between the height of the Cambodian-Vietnamese war, and there was no outfit distinction between the Khmer Rouge and the general population.

After the war, he arrived in the refugee camp, a lawless and strictly controlled zone by the Thai army. He experienced firsthand the ruthlessness of the soldiers as he tried to make ends meet for his family selling food items, which was forbidden.

He has worked in a variety of positions in the restaurant industry, from dishwashing to cooking, but has since retired and now spends most of his time with his wife.