Distressed by the withdrawal of rights and freedoms imposed by the Communist regime, Inpone Luangaphay escaped Laos by crossing the Mekong River. He and his friend fled at night being careful to keep their plans to themselves. They filled plastic bags with air, using them to float across the Mekong River. Upon their arrival in Thailand, his friend decided to go back as he missed his family.

Inpone was determined to gain his freedom. Eventually, he was apprehended by Thai soldiers and placed in prison for illegally entering the country. He was soon released and directed to the Nong Khai camp where he met his wife. During their stay in the camp, the couple was approved for sponsorship to Canada.

Today, Inpone takes pride in participating in Lao community activities and supporting his Church. Together, his community looks forward to celebrating their Lao culture in Canada.