HOF159: Zung Trinh

Zung Trinh and her husband were concerned about the changes that Vietnamese Communists had implemented in Vietnam. They devised a plan to leave their country by escaping through Laos. Once in Laos, they boarded a boat and crossed the Mekong River. They reached the shores of Thailand where Thai police fired their weapons at them. Hearing Zung’s crying baby, the Thai police stopped firing and apprehended them.

After a humiliating experience of being processed by the Thai police, the family was sent to the Nong Khai camp and later to the Nakon Phanom camp where they would meet Canadian officials who approved their asylum in Canada. The officials provided them with sponsors who offered financial support and access to cultural classes about Canada.

In Canada, Zung volunteered for organizations involved with helping the Vietnamese community. Shortly after, she managed to find employment with an Immigration agency. Her job has offered her a chance to give back to Canada and has given her the opportunity to settle in her adopted country.