HOF158: Patricia Talbot-Bégin

Born with a passion for travelling, Pat Talbot-Bégin became a flight attendant with Air Canada in 1969.  Initially based in Vancouver, she was transferred to Toronto once she was hired permanently.  One year later, she was able to return to Vancouver.

Flying for a living took Pat to many places around the globe, either working or while on vacation.   Working charters to bring Vietnamese refugees to Canada, she experienced new destinations including Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Tokyo.  Transporting the refugees was certainly the highlight of her career as during her interactions with passengers, she learned about the horrific experiences and extreme hardships they had to endure.  Every refugee was always very grateful for the opportunity to start a new life in Canada.  Years later, whenever she met and spoke with Vietnamese refugees, she was always impressed with their capacity to settle into Canadian life while contributing to the Canadian Mosaic.

After almost 35 years with Air Canada, she retired in 2004. She currently belongs to the Canadian Maple Wings Association, a group of retired flight attendants. She has served as Treasurer for six years and is now the chapter’s Charity Coordinator, assisting several women’s shelters across the Lower Mainland.