HOF093: Naomi Alboim

Naomi Alboim worked in the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments for twenty-five years, including eight years as Deputy Minister in three different portfolios for the province of Ontario. 

During her career with Employment and Immigration Canada, she was instrumental in supporting the development of several government programs designed to serve immigrants and refugees wishing to establish themselves in Canada. She was the federal regional coordinator of the Indochinese refugee movement in 1979-1981, re-settling  refugees from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to the Ontario region.

Ms. Alboim is a Distinguished Fellow and adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She is an active public policy consultant, advising governments and NGOs across Canada and abroad. She also chairs the Intergovernmental Committee of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council and was a co-founder of Lifeline Syria.

Ms. Alboim has written extensively on Canadian immigration and refugee policy, and advises the federal and provincial governments, universities, colleges, regulatory bodies, and NGO’s on a variety of related topics including immigrant labour market integration and refugee issues.