HOF086: Phan Ni Tan

PHAN Ni Tan is now a well-known composer, but in the early 1970s he was an army lieutenant who had close brushes with death in the battlefields. In 1975, he was sent to a re-education camp in the jungle. Two years into his captivity, Phan came up an escape plan that involved hiding under a truck chassis, hanging on to the frame for dear life over 24 hours as the truck wound its way to the former Saigon.

He lived in hiding for two years, sleeping in the tree canopy in city parks or beneath the covered platforms in the markets. His family eventually helped arrange his escape by boat, which took him to the Laemsing camp, Chantaburi in Thailand and then to Canada, where he was sponsored by a the Marlborough church in Brandford, Ont. 

Chiếc Molotova chở người tù cải tạo và ba tên cảnh vệ đi chợ Quảng Nhiêu về gần tới trại tù Méval thì xe chết máy. Xế trưa trời không mưa nhưng mây thấp và gió buốt. Con đường đất,
rừng cây, những ngọn đồi thấp như co lại vì cái lạnh cuối năm.