HOF078: Sovann UN

Sovann believes that determination is the key to success. Before realizing his dreams, he encountered a lot of hardships and obstacles. A native of Cambodia, he came from a very poor family. He worked hard to earn money to further his education. After years of effort, he passed his exams to become a high school instructor.
When the Khmer Rouge invaded the country in April 1975, Sovann had to adapt to the new economic reform in the country. He hoped that the revolution would establish a new change for Cambodians. Unfortunately, he had to endure the hard work ordered by Angkar, the Khmer Communist Party. After years of misery and without rewards, he had no hope for Cambodia. He then decided to leave his country for good.
When the Vietnamese invaded, his family escaped. They settled in a refugee camp in Sa Kaeo Province in Thailand. On January 22, 1980, they arrived in Montreal. But the dream didn’t end there. Sovann wanted to work, but found it difficult to enter the labour market. He finally found a position in one of the most reputable companies in Quebec. A few years later, he earned a raise and was promoted to a supervisory role as well as specialist in his department.
After his retirement in 2013, he was able to create his own organization and raise funds to build several schools in Cambodia with the aim of providing education to children living in poverty.