HOF073: Pham Thi Duyen

As  a teacher in her late 20s  from Saigon managing to travel in a boat out of Vietnam with 143  strangers, Pham Thi Duyen  considered  the fact that she survived nothing short of  a miracle. She was on a horrific  seven day trip at sea with many deadly incidents. She hopelessly watched a young   girl next to her slowly die  of thirst , and panickingly watched 5 young  women abducted by  Thai pirates.

She  barely escaped being abducted when the helmsman gave her black engine oil to smear her face ,and a  mother  passed her toddler to  her just in time. And finally, her  boat encountered a British-flagged oil tanker. The Captain was firmly determined to send the refugees on their way with some supplies and navigational aid. In  ultimate desperation, Duyen’s  tearful good- bye won the  Captain ‘s change of heart .His decision  came  miraculously  in time. A powerful storm  came  moments after the refugees safely boarded the  tanker , where they watched in horror the waves pick up and swallow their  boat.