HOF047: NGUYEN Huyen Chau

Nguyen Thi Huyen Chau, her two sons and two brothers fled Vietnam just one day before the fall of Saigon. She and her loved ones were airlifted from the roof of their home by a helicopter operated by her husband, a pilot with the Vietnamese Air Force. The helicopter succeeded in  landing on an American naval ship stationed at the port of Saigon.  Once the helicopter landed, American marines pushed the vehicle into the sea. The ship sailed to Guam where the family stayed for 3 days. Eventually, the Americans flew them to Camp Pendleton in California where they applied to migrate to Canada. They arrived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on July 7, 1975 and were sponsored by a local church group. Three months later, they settled in Calgary, Alberta. At that time, Her spouse was preoccupied with securing meaningful employment that he found in Montreal, Quebec. They family settled permanently in the region of Montreal in 1993.