HOF044: LE VAN Chau

Van Chau left Vietnam one day before the fall of Saigon. He, his wife, baby and nanny boarded a naval ship with 600 other passengers. Upon arrival at Vietnam’s Vung Tau harbor, the overcrowded Vietnamese Navy vessel was escorted by the US Navy to Subic Bay Base in the Philippines and from there the refugees were transported to Guam by Americans 13 days later. Once in the Guam refugee camp, the family chose Canada as their preferred destination.

They arrived in Canada on May 13, 1975. Once established in Montreal, Le Hoang Chau continued his studies and regained his license to practice medicine in 1977. In April 1988, he volunteered to work at sea with the international organization ” Médecins du monde ” for a period of four weeks to help Vietnamese “boat-people” seeking asylum. During this experiment, he found one of his colleagues. He sponsored his colleague, who later became a doctor in Canada. He is the author of a book titled “En mer de Chine” which describes his efforts in favour of Vietnamese “boat people”.