HOF041: TRUONG Van Hoan

Truong Van Hoan migrated to Canada in 1980 at the age of 43, five years after the economic and social upheaval in Vietnam. At that time, he and his 14 year-old son fled the country. They paid a fare of 6 ounces of gold in order to board an overcrowded boat in their quest for freedom.

After spending 5 days and 4 nights at sea, they encountered a navy ship. The ship’s crew cared for them until they arrived at a refugee camp in Paulo Bidong, Malaysia.  Throughout their difficult journey, they were fortunate to avoid encounters with pirate ships and landed safely in Malaysia.

Father and son remained in Malaysia for 9 months. During their stay, they met with Canadian Immigration officials who arranged their migration to Canada. They decided to settle in Montreal, Quebec. Once settled, Truong Van Hoan quickly found employment in order to provide for their needs. During his career, he was the principal of a high school in Montreal.  Five years after their arrival in Canada, he sponsored his wife, daughter and younger son.