HOF036: Peng Ngy LIM / Maly LIM (fille)

Peng Ngy grew up in a business family in Takeo. Before the war broke out in April 1975, she was a teacher at Wat Moha Montrei in Phnom Penh. When the Khmer Rouge took power, she returned to her hometown with her family, including her five children. Later, she marched to a new village. Peng Ngy had unpleasant experiences during the Kmer rouge regime. Her family and children could only eat a tiny portion twice a day and had to work hard to fill their stomachs. A villager noticed that Peng Ngy and her children were very thin. Shortly thereafter, she fell ill and did not receive meals during the day because she did not contribute to the work in the fields. The work became more and more difficult for the family; her third son became ill, as did her husband. Shortly thereafter, the two died, one after the other.

When the war ended, news was sent to the family that an organization had opened a refugee camp near the Thai border. Thanks to this news, she decided to flee Cambodia and head immediately to Kao I Dang camp. Peng Ngy and her children were one of the first families to arrive at the camp.

In 1980, Peng Ngy and her four children finally set foot in their adopted country. For the first time, it was immediate happiness.