HOF033: Khamla Inthadeth

As a young man in Laos, Khamla Inthadeth decided to enlist in a training program with plans to become a police officer. During that period, he and his friends began to ask questions about the changing political and economic situation in Laos. Many of them decided to leave the country as they feared for their future.

He chose to stay behind, abandoned the police officer training program and chose to enroll in an agricultural training program. His involvement in the program was very short. As more and more of his friends disappeared or left the country, he decided to follow suit. By the time he had chosen to leave, he was married to a Thai woman and had a young son.

With the help of acquaintances, he was transported by boat to a narrow section of the Mekong River. He jumped out of the boat and swam a few meters to shore where he was apprehended and interrogated by the Thai police. Soon after, he was sent to live at the Nong Khai refugee camp, and a few months later, his wife and child succeeded in leaving Laos and reunited with him at Nong Khai. Later, they also stayed for a short period in another refugee camp in Bangkok.

The young family eventually immigrated to Canada where they settled in Ottawa. As soon as they arrived in the city, they were welcomed and supported by a generous group of sponsors. In time, they welcomed two other sons to the family. The sons, now young men, have married and have families of their own.