HOF030: Dim MEAS

Dim had to leave monkhood when the Khmer Rouge invaded and his life drastically changed when he was ordered to work the fields. With little to eat, he would sneak out at night to catch crabs to cook. The penalty if caught was death, which happened to some of his colleagues.

After the war, he united with his family and entered the camp on the Cambodian side of the Cambodian Thai border. He had a brother already in Canada who encouraged them to find a way into the Khao I Dang refugee camp in order to get a chance to come to Canada.

His family had to sneak their way into Khao I Dang at night to avoid the guards and robbers.

He remembers arriving in Canada during the dead of winter and being hesitant to step out of the apartment in fear of the cold. He also remembers seeing a skunk for the first time and wanting to play with it, which did not turn out well. Today, he enjoys spending family gathering with his large family in Ottawa.