HOF118: Chanthai Taillefer

In 1974, faced with the disturbing social and economic changes in Laos, Chanthai Taillefer and her friends decided it was time to leave their homeland. She hoped to reunite with her siblings who had already reached Thailand. The group of friends were desperate to leave and had hired some guides to help them reach their destination. During their journey, she described occasions when their male guides tried to take advantage of them. She explained that she had managed to thwart the guides’ attempts to assault her. She and her friends crossed the Mekong River where they reached the Thai shores.

Once in Thailand, Chanthai walked a great distance. She reached a small settlement where, by chance, she met a woman who was acquainted with her relatives and managed to unite her with them.

Chanthai eventually left Thailand and migrated to Canada where she settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba.